ACOTIAMIDE – A new hope for acidity patients

After a long time a new drug  launched for acidity and postprandial(After food) distress. A new molecule developed by Japanese scientists actually more helpful in patients with typical after food discomfort. ACOTIAMIDE is not a actual pro motility molecule but  normalizes food movement from stomach. Exciting part is no major side effects!

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Acotiamide : A new hope for acidity patients

After a long time a new drug is being launched for acidity. After food discomfort is a very common symptom for which available drugs sometimes don’t do well.This new molecule was invented by Japanese scientists. This drug does not fasten but it actually normalizes stomach movement after food.No major side effects reported till date. It will…

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Good pill Bad Pill – Aspirin

Aspirin is considered life saving drug. It significantly reduces death and serious heart attack chances. But there is a problem. Aspirin is known to cause gastric injury. It can cause gastritis, ulcers and severe bleeding from ulceration. So what do we do when somebody has already developed bleeding complication on aspirin? A recent study published…

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Stop hepatitis – resolute on World hepatitis Day – 28 th July

World hepatitis Day is celebrated on 28 th July in devoted to Blumberg who invented Hepatitis B virus. Hepatitis B and Hepatitis c are leading causes of liver disease in our country.Both are blood transmitted viruses. They spread through contaminated blood products, injections, needles, syringes, dialysis sets, sexually through unprotected sex and mother to child….

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