Dr. Yogesh P Harwani – Top Gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad

Dr. Yogesh P Harwani, one of the Best Gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad is a zealous personal, serving the field of medicine through Gastroenterology. He is an enthusiastic and energetic professional with healing hands and expert knowledge. He always aspired to be medical professional. As an student he participated in health camps and played key role organizing health awareness programs, while doing MBBS in Bharti Vidyapeeth, Pune.He enthusiastically worked for health camp i.e HIV awareness, eye donation campaign. In 2002 he offered services to humanity by earthquake relief camps in Gujarat. He completed his masters in medicine i.e DNB in medicine from well recognized KEM hospital Pune (2006 to 2009).

In 2010 he got selected in Entrance of DNB super specialty from National board of examination New Delhi by which he procured gastroenterology from Nizams institute of medical sciences Hyderabad. By this hard work and dedication, he completed theory and practical examination in gastroenterology in first attempt.

In the duration of 2013-2014. Dr. Yogesh harwani worked as consultant in Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, under expert guidance of Dr. Mahesh Goenka. He was trained with 120 ERCP and more than 600 diagnostic & therapeutic EUS. He also polished his clinical skills.

He upgraded his clinical & endoscopy skills at Kolkata, Institute of gastro-sciences, Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals. He is one of the few selected candidates to represent India’s young gastroenterologist forum in 2014 where he got opportunity as fellow in advance endoscopy at Kinki University, Osaka, Japan. From August to October 2014.where he was trained for advanced EUS intervention like biliary and pancreatic drainage for oncology patients. Such advance procedures are performed by few skillful professionals at very few centers in country.

He was one of 3 young gastroenterologist from India in 2015. Selected for Asian young endoscopy award 2015 in Seoul, Korea.

As one of his achievement he was also honored with scholarship for advanced endoscopy program in Hong Kong in Dec 2015.

His dedication for the profession and continuous aspiration for acquiring knowledge makes him dynamic. He serves his birth place Ahmedabad, along with periphery areas i.e palanpur, nadiad, and sachore.

To cater all strata of patients. He is attached to Apollo,HCG, shalby and star, jivraj hospital, Ahmedabad.


Stomach Doctors in Ahmedabad


Stomach is an organ of gastrointestinal system where food is churned and mixed with various gastric juices. Disease of stomach include gastritis which means burning in upper abdomen, Peptic ulcer disease which may lead to burning, pain in abdomen and even blood in vomitus. At Nig India , Ahmedabad, we have stomach doctors to help the patients. 

Diseases of stomach also include stomach cancer in which patient may experience abdomen pain, loss of hemoglobin, loss of appetite, weight loss, black stools and in some cases gastric outlet obstruction leading to vomitus after food.

Gastroenterologist are physicians with three years of super specialization in stomach disorders where they can help patients to diagnose and treat variety of stomach disease leading to pain abdomen, loss of appetite, gas disturbance, excessive burping and acid reflux.

Patients who have such long standing symptoms should consult gastroenterologist. Endoscopy is an  justified test to diagnose various gastric disorders, patients who suffer from long standing stomach upset problems, with loss of weight/appetite and decrease in hemoglobin should undergo endoscopy for prompt diagnosis.

Endoscopy also helps to diagnose bacteria known as Helicobacter pylori which is responsible for majority of gastric symptoms in developing countries including India.  Cancers of stomach can also be correctly diagnose by endoscopy, cancer in stomach can appear as an ulcer or mass like structure on endoscopy and this can be confirmed by taking biopsies during endoscopy procedure. `

Early and accurate diagnosis of various stomach diseases can prevent long standing  stomach problems which in today date is one of major  causes of unwell being.  It is advisable not to voluntarily buy and ingest over the counter drugs for  gastric upset as this may give only temporarily relief and long term ingestion may lead to systemic side effects.


Liver Doctors in Ahmedabad


Liver is an important organ of gastrointestinal system. Liver includes hepatocytes which are liver cells, bile ducts which carry bile juice prepared by liver cells to gall bladder and intestine for digestion of ingested food.

Hepatology is term in medical science to describe study of liver and its diseases. Diseases of liver can be divided into  intra hepatic where disease is localized to liver cells. Liver cells functioning can be affected by alcohol, various food borne viruses like Hepatitis A and E which mainly occur due to consumption of unhygienic  food and blood borne viruses like Hepatitis B and c which occur due to maternal transmission, unprotected sexual intercourse, intravenous drugs addiction, tattooing.

Diseases of liver mainly shows symptoms of jaundice, loss of appetite, pain in right upper abdomen, itching. Long standing Hepatitis B and C virus infection can lead to permanent damage to liver which in medical term is known as cirrhosis. Such permanent damage occurs over a period of 15 to 20 years during which patient may not experience any symptoms of liver disease. Suspicion of liver disease can be raised if there is rise in SGPT or Bilirubin on routine blood test. Fatty liver is also becoming one of the major causes of liver diseases in Indian population.

Permanent damage of liver i.e cirrhosis can present as filling of fluid in abdomen which is called as ascites, yellow eyes, swelling of legs, blood in vomitus, kidney dysfunction, altered behavior, change in pattern of sleep and sometimes coma which is known as hepatic encephalopathy. Cirrhosis of liver can also lead to liver cancer in 5 to 10 % of cases. 

Now a days effective antiviral tablets are available for hepatitis B and C which if started well in advance can prevent permanent damage of liver. Liver transplant is an effective and proven surgery for patients having liver cirrhosis who fail to respond to medical treatment.

Gastroenterologist are qualified doctors to treat various liver disorders, patient having jaundice, long standing right upper abdomen pain with discomfort, high SGPT or bilirubin should meet gastroenterologist to identify cause of liver disease so that if treatment of liver disease if started early can prevent permanent damage of liver and cirrhosis related complications. 


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